Is It A True Relationship?

Today, 1st of June, I'm officially Syahid Nasir's girlfriend. Yea I'm damn happy okay. He finally accept me. 
But............ this happiness only for a few hours. Today is my bad day. Really bad. 
Firstly, I'm late for work. Damn scared! I might get sue for opening the boutique for so late. 
Secondly, Syahid is missing. I read his tweet, currrently at Tanjung Balau. WTH?!!! He didn't tell me at all okay. He didn't text me after he said he wanna grab a meal. I'm waiting for him for so long. Did I the only one who loves you Syahid? Did I? If you dont love me, why you accepting me last night? Why Syahid why?! Damn you make me crying right now. You make my mood miserable. You make my life a chaos! Pls honey say that you love me or just leave me, thats it :'(