My Weekend ~

Last sunday I was spending my off day with my twin, Nur Hikmah. We're going to Angsana first then Jusco at Taman University. Hanging out with her quite chaos but actually it was fun and will be a sweet memory for us. Nur Hikmah me love you :*
Here's some picture!
She's my baby :*

We all nak gerak peg jusco pulak!

Dah shopping apa semua....... Tiba lah masa utk beredar ~ Eema mcm nak nangis kot. Hmm takpe kita jumpa lagi lah! But masa aku nak pergi dia bagi barang. Take a look!

She gives me a letter. Fuhh! Dah mcm pakwe wehh. Hmm thanks sayang :*

Her mum give this! Thanks aunty :) Sama dgn eema plak tuh! Yeaaaayyyy (Y)